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Do you know how your e-commerce customers want to connect?

We surveyed 5,000 consumers across the globe, and our research reveals how buyer preferences—and expectations—have rapidly evolved. See what it takes to deliver a winning e-commerce experience.

46% increase in online retail consumers
New world. New rules.

Consumers quickly adapted to life in a pandemic

Ready or not, retailers and e-commerce platforms are transforming to meet an explosion in grocery mobile app ordering, home delivery, click-and-collect, curbside pickups, remote customer support, and video shopping this year. 


Is your e-commerce business ready?

Puzzle of e-commerce channel preferences
Channel preferences remain fragmented

Give people the customer experience they want, where they want it

Need more motivation to jump-start your omnichannel customer engagement strategy? Our data shows that mobile phone calls are the favorite way to connect with businesses, but 70% of consumers prefer a puzzle of other channels—and channel preferences vary wildly by region and country.


woman at home shopping on her mobile device holding credit card

"Conversions are critical to the success of any e-commerce business, and as more and more customers rely on mobile devices and applications to shop, learn, and watch, we required a globally scalable, reliable mobile communications partner."

Maxime Pruvost Carts Guru CTO and co-founder
Have you read our full 10th Annual Global Customer Engagement Report yet?


Get practical solutions to today’s biggest CX hurdles in retail and e-commerce

Download our e-commerce customer engagement insights to learn how Vonage APIs can help you reach shoppers anywhere, and set you up with a high-performing CX for a changed world. Here's what you'll find:

  • 4 key CX insights and challenges revealed from our research
  • Communications APIs solutions to meet those challenges
  • A scorecard of consumer channel preferences across the globe
An image of communications across the globe


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